Bandages and sling

The Dr. said to me “grip my hand really tightly while we put the local anaesthetic in”,  so you just know its going to hurt a lot! which it did.  I said to the poor Dr afterwards, hopefully you won’t need hand surgery now as well for crushed bones!  My fingers are all cleaned up with saline, the hanging off nail removed, and all put back together.  I look over at my poor mum, who has suddenly gone very pale!  I said to the nurse “is my mum ok?”  “No she isn’t” she said, “quick head between your legs before you pass out”! Next minute my mum has ended up on the bed next to me, so there we are together!  Some time later after dressings, bandages etc my arm is put in a sling.  Then I have to wait for the prescription for strong antibiotics to be brought.  I am told I might need a skin graft if it doesn’t heal well.  Then out of nowhere, coincidentally, a specialist hand surgeon walks by, and seeing my hand all bandaged up asks me what I have done.  He talks to the nurse, and judging by their conversation it seems he is not hopeful the stitched back on bits will survive.  That is not what I wanted to hear!  He asks me to go to his clinic on Monday, so he can assess the damage.  He tells me to make sure I keep my arm up for  a couple of days to reduce swelling, pain and throbbing, and try to move and bend the fingers if possible.  I am sent home.

My mum has to clean up my kitchen when we get back, as blood was splattered everywhere where I went in to get the phone to call for help.  The garden and patio looks like someone has been murdered! Its like the chainsaw massacre.  I look on the internet for info on finger injuries. A common injury it seems.  Apparently Kirsty Allsopp has cut the very ends of hers off with a mandolin in the kitchen!

Even with painkillers it throbs constantly and I have no sleep that night, and how do you keep your hand up while you are in bed?!  Not looking forward to the prospect of having to change the dressings twice a day myself!


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