The curiosity of random strangers

Its amazing how life can change in a blink of an eye.  I wonder if I had cut my hedges on the Sunday as I originally planned instead of the Saturday whether I may not have cut my fingertips off!  It’s a bit like that film Sliding Doors, is everything that happens pre-destined or not?  According to some it is.  But anyway for the time being some things have to change.  No driving :(, this is a struggle having been reliant on a car since I passed my test at 17.  I don’t even know how to catch a bus!,  Well that has lead to the use of public transport and the usual delays with trains etc. I realise how rubbish the timetables are and some journeys which would take 15 mins by car, take 2 hours because there is no direct train or bus! No shopping with my car – I have to start doing my grocery shopping online.  Its a whole new world!  I end up ordering the wrong sizes of things and stuff I don’t normally buy! The delivery driver that comes to deliver my shopping asks me what I have done, and then tells me in graphic detail all about how his friend blew the end of his finger off with a firework!  He then passed out so was not much help to his friend! I have to go to the hairdressers to get my hair washed, and the lady there shows me her finger which she cut the top off when she slammed it in a door!  Everywhere I go people tell me their injured finger stories.  It’s also really strange that random strangers are so interested in my bandaged fingers!  I frequently get asked when I am out and about by people I don’t know, what I have done. They all have a fingertip story to tell!  Kitchen mandolins seem to feature frequently, as do wood saw’s and power tools.  Be warned!

I am contacted for a reflexology appointment.  I explain I won’t be able to do this for a while, and my customer tells me how she cut the end of her finger off on a sharp children’s slide when young.  Ouch!  She texts me a picture, I had never noticed her finger before, it only has a small nail and not a complete one.  I am reassured that people are not really that observant of these things when the bandages are gone.

My friends come to take me out for some food.  I have to go for the soft menu choices as I can’t use a fork to hold anything! So mashed potato and fish it is!  It takes me a lot longer to eat than normal.

I pop into the supermarket for just a few things I have forgotten on my shopping order.  I am standing in the queue when I see a guy looking at my hand.  He is in the queue in front of me.  He waits until I have paid for my shopping then offers to carry my bag for me!  Its got hardly anything in it and I can manage it with my good hand, but I don’t like to say no, as he is being kind.  He asks me how I have injured my fingers.  By the time this is over I think I will need a board on my chest with the details “chopped off fingertips with hedgecutter” , so I don’t have to keep repeating myself!  The random kind stranger carries my bag to the exit for me, and is then going a different way to me.  He tells me how he once injured his foot!  At least this story is slightly different!  He wishes me well with my recovery and is on his way.

I think this experience is definitely making me more sympathetic to those people that are at home all the time with no one to talk to. I have done some voluntary work before, and this makes me think I will do some more in the future to help people who can’t get out and about and need help with everyday things we usually take for granted.


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