Bus journeys and the passengers who made me laugh!

I am sort of getting to grips with bus timetables, I seem to have some sort of mental block with them and find them very confusing.  Maybe its sub conscious because I don’t really want to use them, having been so used to a car for years.  But anyway the journeys make for some interesting happenings!  Today I need to go to Hedge End, there is no direct bus, so I have to go from  Totton to Southampton, then get another bus from Southampton to Hedge End.  This journey would normally take me 20 minutes, but it will take me instead one hour and twenty minutes!  mmm!  So I get on the first bus, and the bus driver is lovely.  He asks me all about my injury and then says “no, don’t tell me anymore I feel queasy”!.  We get to West Quay, where the bus terminates and he tells me to wait.  All the passengers get off, and he takes me to where I need to go to get a bus to Hedge End, just me on the bus!.  How lovely is that!  He tells me the number of the bus I need to get and wishes me a lovely day.  The kindness of strangers again!  I am then left waiting for the next bus to Hedge End which is 20 minutes away.  A lady asks me what bus she needs to get to Woolston.  Well its no good asking me is it!, I have absolutely no idea, being a complete bus novice until the last week or so!  I explain I am not familiar with bus routes and normally drive.  She asks me what I have done to my fingers.  I tell her the story of the hedgecutter!  I think I must now have repeated this at least 150 times or more.  The lady is not English, I am not sure what nationality she is but her English is not that good, but certainly much better than any foreign languages I can manage.  She replies “Nooooo, you should not be doing this DIY”!.  “There you are being a good lady trying to get your jobs done, and look what happens, you do this, this is not good, DIY is not good!!”.  “You don’t want to be doing this, you need to get a man to do it for you, get that man indoors on to it”  I explain there is no man indoors!  🙂  But I am not sure she understood quite what I was saying. She is very enthusiastic in insisting I never ever do this again, I reassure her that as I have a reoccurring nightmare about it now anyway, I won’t be doing it again, but will pay someone instead.  She says she hopes it all gets better soon, and jumps on the next bus.  I am left laughing and smiling to myself like a mad person!

The next bus driver is not so happy, he sighs and tuts about me not having the right money! I didn’t know you were supposed to have the right money, I am just an idiot newbie! I tell him I am an idiot newbie, but  he is clearly miserable and has a face like a wet weekend!  I try to smile and cheer him up but he is having none of it!  The complete opposite of the other bus driver in every way! Just another day on a bus!  So to any bus drivers reading this, just remember this may be the first bus someone has caught in a very long time, they may not no the system, they may be an idiot, but don’t treat them like one!

My fingers are throbbing a bit now, having seen the Hand Surgeon again last week.  He was concerned that my worst finger was not healing too well, so I had to go and see him.  Another local anaesthetic was put in my finger, ouch those hurt so much 😦  He waits for it to go numb, and then after a bit when he clearly thinks it should have gone numb, he squeezes the end of my finger!  It is not numb!  I shoot out of the chair about 2 foot!  making him and the nurse walking through jump out of their skins.  Oh my god that flipping hurt.  “So its not numb then?” he says.   “No, its definitely not numb”, I reply.  We do laugh about it, but I think it might be hysteria on my part!  Eventually it is numb and a lot of dead skin needs to be removed, I don’t look.  I can feel a lot of pressure but no pain.  The hand surgeon says having removed a lot of dead tissue he is now a lot happier, because he can see some new skin forming underneath, but its going to throb again for a few days 😦

At least there is new skin forming! I wish it would just hurry up and get better. I am not sure I like my changed lifestyle!


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