The A&E experience

So A&E was an experience, how can it take so many hours?!  I got looked at and given painkillers, then the waiting starts. They had a look at my fingers, and decided I had taken the tops off the bones as well, so I needed an x-ray.  1.5 hours later the x-ray was done. Then I had to wait another hour for the results. Meanwhile the bit of finger was still hanging on by a thread!  Surely if they had put it back on straight away it might have survived!.  So you are stuck in a cubicle with only a curtain between you and other poor people suffering in different ways, and can hear all the conversations.  No privacy! There just don’t seem to be enough staff.  Eventually I am told yes the tops of the bones have been fractured so I need antibiotics.  Then they start putting my fingers back together.  The trainee (very nice but not the time you want to be practiced on!)  discusses what she is going to do with the Dr.  She says she is going to give two injections of local anaesthetic into my worst finger.  “Have you ever had injections in your fingers?” the Dr. says to the trainee.  “they are unbelievably painful, and ten times worse than dental injections”!   Well I am not exactly reassured by those facts, strangely enough! and wondering why I ever started gardening that day!


The lost fingertips diary!

Saturday 11th April 2015 started like any other day.  It was a lovely sunny day, and I decided to go out and cut my hedges in my garden. Big mistake! Less than 30 minutes later I cut the top off of two fingers with a hedgecutter.  I spent 5 and a half hours at A&E, had bits of nail removed, local anaesthetic in my fingers which hurts unbelievably, tetanus injection and antibiotics. I had chopped the top of the bones off my fingers too.  The bits were sewn back on, but two days later they had gone black and died, and had to be chopped off again!  There is something about fingers being injured that makes everyone squirm!  Not to mention the copious amount they bleed.  For all those who have badly injured your fingers, there is hope! Fingertips the hand surgeon told me can grow back as they have such a good blood supply.  They also hurt massively as they have so many nerve endings!

So I will share with you my tips on how to grow them back, and the strange things that fingertip injuries lead to!